December 05, 2004

DNS Caching

Posted at December 5, 2004 12:24 PM in Interesting Information .

Below is a white paper article from the excellent company of JH Software. I utilize all of JHSoft's products and am currently implementing their new Simple Failover product. This product is designed to dynamically update DNS records based upon the availability of a server. Instead of receiving a 'page cannot be found' error a visitor will be redircted to another web server or site which can be a redundacy to the primary service or offer up a 'temporarily unavailable' page.

Many people may believe though that DNS caching will prevent this from occuring and users will still be sent to the site that is down because of a long TTL on their own DNS servers. Another question that comes up a lot is how the different operating system cache a site along with browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla. Read the PDF below and you can learn how DNS servers update data amongst each other and how the TTL value is migrated with the remaining time between servers. To read the white paper click here

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