September 18, 2005

Windows 2000 Backround Intelligent Transfer Service Missing

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Rhian D. Block

Well if you read the entry below this one, you know that I experienced a hellish time with one of the Vazoom servers over the weekend. After bringing the server back to stable grounds (24 + hours later) I attempted to perform a Windows Update.

The quick of it was that the update failed to install any updates, and after reading a Microsoft error referencing something about the BITS service, I soon realized that it wasn't even a listed service of the Windows 2000 Server machine's control panel!!

What is it exactly?
Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) helps you transfer large amounts of data without degrading network performance. It does this by transferring data in small chunks, utilizing unused bandwidth as it becomes available, and reassembling the data at the destination. BITS is supported on Microsoft® Windows Server 2003 family operating systems and on Microsoft® Windows 2000 Servers.

So the the heck do I get this service back installed so that I can do such tasks as performing a Windows Update?

Here is a link to help you get it fixed in no time flat. Just make sure that after you install it and restart the computer, you set the service to start automatically. This is of course accomplished by going into the list of services and double clicking the BITS and setting it from manual to automatic.

Here is a link to the 2.0 package of the service directly from Microsft;en-us;842773

If you care to download the install file directly from my servers click here


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