September 25, 2006

My Speech from Awards Banquet

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Below is the speech I gave at the awards banquet on September 15th. For the most part it's accurate to how the speech ended up being presented. This was some video of it
Click here to watch and listen to the flash video of my speech.
Good evening everyone. For those who may not know me… my name is Rhian Block and I am pleased to stand here as the class representative for group - #36-which I understand is the only online group here tonight. It’s been nice to meet for the second time the many classmates whom I have worked closely with over the past two years in the MIS degree program.

When my cohort first set out to begin the program in 2003, I can certainly recall how anxious [slight pause] and for some nervous [slight pause] we were about taking a class online for the first time. Having had only the one opportunity to meet each other face to face, the majority of our interactions have been via email, telephone, and the Blackboard Learning System, which we came to know as our own virtual classroom environment.

Much like the cohort I represent [slight pause] all of the other groups here tonight have spent countless hours committed to the class assignments with Eastern University in order to reach their goal of obtaining a four year degree [small pause] and [extend] in other cases their graduate degrees. We have all committed ourselves to the program we chose with one goal in mind. And, although some members of the audience here tonight are still working to finish up with the last remaining credits on their academic program I wish you luck and my full confidence that the hardest part is now over with.

Tonight, we have been rewarded with this Banquet in order to further recognize the great accomplishments that the people in all of the groups attending have made. We are all an indication of the great ways technology can provide limitless opportunities for a person of any age, race, or gender to further their education

I would like to thank the instructors and staff of Eastern University who have made this program available to us, and have built the courses around the lifestyle of a busy and working adult. I would also like to personally thank Sharon McGee from Eastern University’s faculty for motivating and assuring all of us that we could and would make it through this program. Last but not least I would also like to thank all of my cohort members whom have made this experience worthwhile and rewarding. You are all very smart and talented individuals and for that I ask you to give yourselves a round of applause. Congratulations everybody and good luck


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