January 16, 2007

Back From My Trip To Vegas

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Well I arrived back into town late Sunday night from a fun 5 day stretch in Vegas. Two highlights of the trip were the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2007 and the Adult Entertainment Expo (AVN 2007).

We were able to easily walk into the CES show at the Sands Expo without any trouble whatsoever. Surprising, given the fact that the show wasn't open to the general public. There were all types of new and upcoming gadgets from all the major companies across the globe. Additionally, the Ziff Davis run DL.TV Internet show was recording a total of 3 shows from the expo. DL.TV is by far the best tech show available on the web. The two hosts of the show - Patrick Norton and Robert Heron go over the latest and greatest in gadgetry in addition to answering many viewer technical questions. Patrick had worked on other popular tech shows previously - one of which was called The ScreenSavers

It was exciting to speak to Patrick about the show and tell him my thoughts about the production they do for their two day a week show. On the final day of the CES we actually ran into Patrick as we walked back to the Wynn hotel where all of us had chosen to park. We spent about 15 minutes chatting about various event happenings over the weekend as we walked through the Wynn casino floor. It was nice to find out that he was a down to Earth and friendly guy. Check out the show if you ever have time (http://www.dl.tv)

Patrick Norton from DL.TV and Me on the final day of the CES 2007 Show

The other major event taking place at the Sands was the Porn expo. All types of adult film stars traveled throughout the premises in the typical arrangement of slutty wardrobe you may stereotype a porn star to be wearing. What a crazy time. We even finished off the trip with Ron Jeremy walking right by us on the way out of the Adult Video Awards show taking place at Mandalay Bay. To keep the blog post PG rated let me say that it was quite entertaining and a change of pace from the geek driven electronics gathering.

Porn stars and me = Giggidy Giggidy - Aww Yeah!



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