March 20, 2007

Today - I have declared war on squirrels

Posted at March 20, 2007 10:16 PM in Daily Activity .

Over the past several days squirrels have decided to ravage the cover which protects my car. Not only did they destroy the cover with a total of 15+ holes, but they also put scratches on my rear spoiler.

This declaration of war brought me to Home Depot where I purchased a squirrel cage. I am going to trap the little f**kers and bring them countless miles away. From there I hope they get crushed by a 18 wheeler.

A new cover has cost me over $160 in addition to the $190 spoiler I ordered to replace the scratched one. Tonight, the cage sits waiting on the back of the car. Some cereal trailing into the cage which has a nice helping of peanut butter should hopefully do the trick.

Say HELLO to my Little cage you Mutha (censored) Squirrels


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