May 08, 2007

My Next Car Modification

Posted at May 8, 2007 04:33 PM in Saturn Sky .

Ok I am on a roll here. My car so far has a total of 3 modifications done on it as of today. The new 2.5" Magnaflow exhaust, the illuminated Wind Restrictor, and the Fujita Cold Air Intake. Now drum roll please.....

My next minor modification primarily for visual enhancements, will be to paint my engine cover and fuse box under the hood. From the previous post you can see how the vehicle's engine bay looks now. Attached to this post is a good idea from another forum member's vehicle of how my car will look like once things are complete. I am sending both my engine cover and fuse box cover away to a guy in NY in about a week to have the work done.

As shown, the engine cover will be painted black with all letters and lines done in red. The fuse box will get a coat of black paint in addition to a red trimline along the edge.



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