May 10, 2007

My Website and Various Other Stuff

Posted at May 10, 2007 11:58 AM in Various .

I really need to get around to updating my website. The thing has fallen way out of day. In fact, my resume isn't even close to in date. I can't believe that I registered the website in July of 1999. I was just finishing up the two year college over at Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. I remember being really excited about technology at that point in my life. Back then things were quickly evolving and the Internet was gaining in popularity. My website resided on a computer over in media at the old Y100 building (What is now a Dental office) near the Granite Run Mall.

Looks like I will be headed to New York City the 23rd/24/25th for work to relocate a server room. This will be a nice little getaway. I have never actually stayed over in the city itself.

Vazoom is still going steady. I am not sure what the future holds with the website and the services I am currently providing to businesses and people through it. I am going to be moving all my websites over to some new equipment very soon to help improve speed and reliability. The Dell equipment I have things on now is starting to crap out. I still have some backup servers in both Havertown and up in upper Newtown, Bucks County.

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