My First PullOver

valentine1.jpg (Click for larger)

Last Saturday, I was pulled over for the first time in my car. I was turning on Bryn Mawr Avenue off of West Chester Pike when soon after the red and blues lit up my rear view mirror. It seemed that the cops main intention was to confirm that I had neither been drinking nor doing drugs.

He said that he clocked me around 51MPH on what was a 35MPH roadway. He let me go with just a verbal warning. It was about 1:00am when he pulled me over which was kind of lame. I have now decided to install a radar system in my car to hopefully prevent future stops like this one. I decided to purchase the Valentine 1 radar system which has gotten quite good reviews.

My plan is to install the main unit above the rear view mirror, and a remote module which will bring any lights and indicator down below my radio. I will need to cut the plastic panel below the radio. I think it will look pretty custom when done. Several others on the Sky Roadster forum have done a similar mod. Below, is a pic from somebody else’s install of how the remote module should look when in place.