The First Post of the New Year .. Happenings and Tech Stuff

 In what I am sure will turn out as the first post of many for the year 2011 I figured it would be good to say hi to the Interweb for a change.  Things have been kinda slow for the most part.  There are a number of projects I anticipate working on at the house and many surprises which I’m sure will crop up.  A couple of those will involve replacing the front door and also trying to landscape the front corner of the property.  With winter comes crappy outdoor conditions for any of these projects so the springtime cannot come soon enough.  The new truck is running great and it’s actually going to need its first oil change pretty soon.  Replacing the exhaust system with a new one by Magnaflow will be one of the first mods.  I am hoping to head to Puerto Rico this spring or summer with Vanessa.  It’s her hometown after all.  Having my own kick-arse tour guide will be supa-sweet.  High five.  Cats are good and are fatter than ever which is a good thing although I get woken up like clock work every morning by Hope who gets cranky and needs food.  Vazoom is rolling along pretty well and I am hoping to receive my official trademark registration from the U.S. Patent Office in the upcoming month or two.

On an unrelated note I should mention about a cool tech product I recently purchased in order for one of my desktop computers on the 2nd floor of the house to obtain access to my Internet connection.  While wireless was indeed an option I chose instead to go with an Ethernet over Power product from Netgear.  These items have been on the market for a while however many people aren’t quite aware this technology exists.  I chose to go this route because I’m a super try everything nerd.  The concept is quite simple – why not utilize your existing in house electrical lines / outlets as a way to connect computers together or to your home router?   Just plug in the first  adaptor into an outlet around  where the computer resides you are hoping to get on the Internet.  Plug an Ethernet cable from the unit to the computer.  Take the second unit and plug it into an outlet around the location of your home router/modem running an Ethernet cable from the new adaptor to an open port on the back of the router.  If your router or modem has no additional ports you will require the use of a small switch.  Depending on the distance and quality of the cable you should be able to achieve excellent results with speeds above 80Mbps.  Although my tests found that both Netgear adaptors could be placed into a surge protector and communicate, more stable results were obtained when the units were plugged directly into the wall outlets.   The units I purchased were the Netgear Powerline AV 200 ones pictured below.  **Make sure you purchase a kit..You need two physical boxes**.  I found a great deal for re-certified units on NewEgg for about $30 / piece.

Xmas Party and Funny Finding at IKEA

Yesterday evening was the Xmas party for the company I work for.  It was once again held at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, DE.  It was a fun time and called for an occasion to get all dressed up.  Below is a pic of Vanessa and I.

Vanessa And I

Unrelated to the party was today while at the Plymouth Meeting IKEA store.  In the office furniture section I happened to look at a picture within one of the staging displays.   Take a look at the picture I saw and make your own judgement. WTF is going on?

Picture from IKEA

That Secret Box

That box.  Lots of people have them.  C’mon you know what I’m talking about.  That box of stuff that you have collected for years.  That box which is filled with memories of various times in our lives.  These memories are forever bonded amongst the various items we have placed into that box over the course of many years. It may have sat like mine did in the darkest corner of our drawer or closet for years through good times and bad.  The other day while moving some things I came across that box – a shoe box to be exact. In this box were many papers and pictures from when I was a little kid doing a middle school presidential debate, pictures of friends and family, documents from vacations I had gone on almost 10 years ago, and awards and accomplishments. I found myself leafing through all of the items as if it were a lost and buried treasure from some long lost ship wreck many years ago.  Do you ever look at an old picture of yourself and wonder “gee .. i wonder what was i thinking when this picture was taken..”, trying to recount the events that occurred leading up to the picture being taken and what happened soon after the camera was turned off? 

There is a story in each and every item we find in that box, and while it may be a short explanation not worthy of that that five letter word, it is part of our lives and a moment in time that we felt significant enough to save.  While some memories are incapable of being physically placed into a box they are important.  When I find myself in a situation or place I want to remember I create a mental snapshot.  I may lose my keys or wallet or sunglasses all the time but I will never forget that moment in time and can pull it back up like a file on hard drive for myself.  Many times I will mimic what Joe Pesci’s character in the movie ‘With Honors’ did and collect an item (glass, rock, pebble, etc..) to keep.  Anytime I want to think of that time all I have to do is roll it around in my hand and Abracadabra … I’m there again.

First Non-Techy Nerd Book Purchase in a Long Time

On Saturday while at the mall I decided to buy the first non computer related book in a long time. I thought the cover of this book looked kind of funny too…yep I am nerd 🙂 . The book is titled –

    All My Friends are Dead

and portrays in around 90 or so pages various objects who have lost or will lose something of a friend to them. It got me thinking about how many friends we lose in the course of our lives. From girlfriends and boyfriends to best friends including those which we thought were friends but only made themselves appear that way to us. I have lost many so called “friends” and the life I live today exists because of the times and memories I shared while with them. Websites like Facebook and MySpace have made the term “friend” merely a number of various faces and storylines of status updates as life speeds on by. I guess in the end you’ll always have one friend that will always be there for you and cannot delete you from their virtual friend list – yourself.  Time does have a way of bringing the right people back into your life so never count anything out.  Guess that’s sometimes easier said than done.