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Last updated January 7, 2017

Ok..So Who The Hell Are You?

Born December 3, 1979…. I’m Rhian Douglas Block! I started up this little website way back in July 1999.  The website currently receives an average of 3,500 visitors month. Way back in 1999, nobody could have anticipated the Internet evolving to a point where life seems to require its existence.  I have always been a tech nerd since I was a kid and I have always enjoyed figuring out why things work.  The first  computer I ever owned (Leading Edge 486) was one that I got for Christmas in the early 90s. I broke it by the second day by issuing some funky DOS command.  I think I shed several tears until I eventually got it back to working order allowing me to once again commence playing the only really cool game that came with it called SpaceCraft.  From that point the rest is history

I grew up in Havertown and have one older sister and two younger brothers.    I went to Haverford Senior High School in Delaware County, PA  and later onto Pennsylvania Institute of Technology (P.I.T.) with a scholarship eventually graduating with a AAS in Electronic Engineering.  While in high school and college I was an engineering intern for Y100 – a very popular Philadelphia Radio Station.  I cannot even begin to describe all the memories I have from that job and the wide range of people I met.  You can read more about Y100 and its demise
here.  I eventually became the Asst. Chief Engineer which was a notable achievement I had worked very hard for.  Several years after graduating from P.I.T., I completed my B.A. degree in Management of Information Systems with Eastern University.  I worked for many years as a manager for a healthcare firm and am currently a Network Engineer for a company servicing the educational arena.

Why Is My Site On This Interweb?

 Some have asked me why I even have this website.  My answer is that I really don’t have a good explanation other than it serves as a bit of an outlet to describe things that happen to be on my mind from technology to daily life events.  Having such a website used to be a bit strange before websites like Facebook and Twitter and even MySpace made communicating your life with others a normal occurrence.  I decided to change the website into more of a blogging kind of layout for easier management and archiving purposes. There is actually another Ryan Block (More Typical Spelling) that is pretty well known in the tech industry.  He was a writer for Engadget prior to having a popular website technology site called gdgt.com.  Maybe we are related or something since we are both nerds.

What Other Tech Stuff Do I Do?

I actually run another small Internet service called Vazoom (www.vazoom.com)
I bought the domain from somebody in the early 2000s.  Vazoom provides web/email hosting and online file management for personal/small and medium companies.  A short time ago the logo for Vazoom was trademarked and there are now a good collective of organizations utilizing its services. 

For Fun Besides Tech Nerdy Things?

When I am not playing with computer things or buying new tech gadgets one could probably find me engaged in a new house project or possibly at the gym!

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