First Post In a Very Long Time

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This is the first post in a very long time and actually the first post in 2017. So much has happened in life since my last post.
I am working on the website to update it with content and clean up some old stuff which is no longer relevant. Stay tuned…

Happy Halloween 2013

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It’s DJ Rhian Block coming to you live from Springfield, PA.

Happy Halloween 2013.


DJ Rhian Block - Halloween 2013

DJ Rhian Block – Halloween 2013 – click for larger

Receiving Error – ‘ The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship ‘

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I ran across this issue after having to replace a Windows 2008 R2 System.  I wanted to keep the server name of the new system the same as the old –  (SERVER1) because I wanted to prevent end users from having to delete and re-add any of their network printer resources.  Additionally, many antivirus software clients running on desktops/laptops communicated with this specific server name for their virus definition updates.
I renamed the old server “SERVER1″ –TO–> “SERVER5″  and brought the brand new system online as “SERVER1″ and joined it into the DOMAIN without issue.  I needed the old server to remain online in the event of a problem.  The system actually ran perfectly fine but a week later I began receiving the trust relationship error shown below when I would try and login to the console with the administrator account.  On one of the network domain controllers I saw the System Event 11 generated as shown below:

Domain Controller Showing System Event 11 Error


Windows 2008R2 Error When Attempting to Login With Administrator Account

According to Microsoft –

This problem occurs because two or more computer accounts have the same service principal name (SPN) registered. Event ID 11 is logged when the Key Distribution Center (KDC) receives a ticket request, and the related SPN exists more than one time when it is checked on the global catalog (GC) for forestwide verification.  My simple explanation is that the original process of switching SERVER1 to a new temporary name didn’t go right.

The fix was pretty painless.  On the problem server open up a command line and type the following replacing SERVERNAME with the problem system (In this example SERVER1)
note-the first character is an l and not the number 1

ldifde -f c:check_SPN.txt -t 3268 -d “” -l servicePrincipalName –r “(servicePrincipalName=HOST/ServerName*)” -p subtree

Now find the file check_SPN.txt on your drive

The contents of the check_SPN.txt file that is generated should show something similar to the following.  Using the following output information SERVER1 is the system we are having trouble with.  SERVER2 is no longer in service.  As you can see the second portion of the output has a mix of both SERVER1 and SERVER 2 in its output

changetype: add
servicePrincipalName: WSMAN/SERVER1
servicePrincipalName: WSMAN/
servicePrincipalName: TERMSRV/SERVER1
servicePrincipalName: TERMSRV/
servicePrincipalName: RestrictedKrbHost/SERVER1
servicePrincipalName: HOST/SERVER1
servicePrincipalName: RestrictedKrbHost/
servicePrincipalName: HOST/

changetype: add
servicePrincipalName: HOST/SERVER2
servicePrincipalName: RestrictedKrbHost/SERVER2
servicePrincipalName: TERMSRV/SERVER2
servicePrincipalName: WSMAN/SERVER2
servicePrincipalName: WSMAN/
servicePrincipalName: TERMSRV/
servicePrincipalName: RestrictedKrbHost/
servicePrincipalName: HOST/

Hop into your domain controller and open “Active Directory Users and Computers” and right-click on your domain.  Click “Find” and change the drop down option to “Computers”.  Type the server name that is the equivilent to SERVER2 in the above example and DELETE it.  You should now be able to login to SERVER1 and carry on with your day!


GoDaddy Completely Down

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UPDATE 9/11/2012 5:02PM EST

AnonymousOwn3r has now tweeted and leaked online via what he/she claims are GoDaddy database/source code information in an attempt to prove their services were breached and not the result of an internal router issue

EDIT 9/11/2012

GoDaddy now states that corrupt router tables were the cause of the outage and not a result of any hack.  Time will tell if this is true as I’m sure those responsible will try again.

As of 2:36pm EST Godaddy and what appears to be most of it’s Internet lying infrastructure especially DNS Resolving system. Email or Web requests to domains registered with Godaddy are bouncing back as non existent/unavailable.  Early word is a rougue member of ANONYMOUS is behind the complete take down of millions of websites

Congratulations NASA on Getting Curiosity to Mars

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The clock ticked from midnight all the way through to 1:32am Monday morning as I sat glued to my laptop watching a live stream from the Griffith Observatory in California where a packed crowd gathered to watch the suspensful conclusion to the long journey of the Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Rover.  I would have loved to be in the control center as the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and world witnessed a part of history.  I love space and always have ever since I was a kid.  I am an engineer at heart and can appreciate the complicated series of events that had to take place in order for this to work out the way it did.  I have since watched all of the press conferences and I like how everybody is open to explaining where things stand.  This is all uncharted territory and nobody can fully predict what’s to come. I wish I knew somebody so I could get an inside look at the operations. :)  

I’m now ready for even more exciting things to come and seeing  the highly anticipated high definition images / videos when they finally beam their way back here to Earth.  Curiosity is bound to turn into amazement.

My Name Landed in a Delco Times Article

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My name landed in the paper for the first time in a while since I was a kid throwing snowballs at my brother. A story relating to a major widespread outage of Comcast TV/Internet services throughout Delaware County had contributions by me.  I was contacted by a reporter regarding the outage and how it impacted the services of the email/web related services with regards to Vazoom (
Comcast you still rock!